Down in the dumps

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‘down in the dumps’

Sad, depressed or miserable.

Sentence examples…

  • I failed my exam, I am so down in the dumps.
  • I’m feeling down in the dumps, I need to watch a good movie to cheer me up.


You can use the phrase ‘down in the dumps’ when describing your feeling when something makes you feel depressed.


The idiom ‘down in the dumps’ has been in use since at least the 1700s.

More sentence examples…

  • He’s feeling a bit down in the dumps and needs cheering up.
  • I’m not coming to the party tonight, I’m feeling a little downin the dumps.
  • He’sbeen down in the dumps ever since he lost the match.
  • If you’re feeling down in the dumps, come on over and have a chat.
  • Jane hasbeen feeling a bit down in the dumps since she lost her
  • Sally’s a bit down in the dumps. Let’s try to cheer her up.
  • I’m feeling down in the dumps, nothing is going right for me.
  • He is down in the dumpsbecause his girlfriend dumped her.
  • I haven’t felt this down in the dumps for a long time.
  • I felt down in the dumps when I lost my job for no good reason.
  • I just lost two hours of unsaved computer work. I really feel down in the dumps.

Opposite phrase:
‘On top of the world’


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